the First Punch

Defeating the Enemy Hell-Bent on Your Destruction

Learn to Fight The Devil

In this modern-day collection of our Enemy's activities, learn to anticipate how Satan will attack and discern powerful techniques to preemptively fight against him. 

Through biblical examples and engaging stories, author Beth Guckenberger shares how we can be equipped and encouraged to battle Satan with wisdom and boldness. 

Spiritual armor and an awareness of the Enemy are important, but since he just does the same work against us over and over again, we can predict his movements and thwart his attacks.

It’s time to go on the spiritual offense and take ground before the Enemy claims it. The fight against Satan will not only thwart his schemes, but also draw you closer to God and advance His kingdom.

God Gives Us the Power to Fight

With exercises and worksheets to unpack the intersection of our daily lives with the spiritual realm, this proven system provides a strategy to take control and advance God’s kingdom against the Enemy’s plans.

This guide includes creative exercises and journaling prompts that unpack the intersection of our lives with the spiritual realm, bringing a strategy to take control and advance God’s kingdom.

About the Companion Guide

This resource will help you draw up a spiritual combat plan and be prepared to enter into the battles of everyday life. Live in the power and freedom God created for you and throw the first punch!